30 Days of Julian Write

Its been a little over 3 months Julian Write released his latest body of work "GATSBY".  Its had great reviews and really show how much he's grown as a artist in every aspect possible (lyricism, delivery, melody etc). Since then, he’s been quite busy sharpening his multi dimensional talents. Fans have been excited to hear he's continued working on a release of a new full-length body of work since he debuted new music this past August. While it’s still unconfirmed when the next release date is, we’ll be crossing my fingers with the rest of his fans that it will, at least, be released sometime soon. 

To celebrate the release of some new Julian Write on the way, we will be hosting a series titled "30 days of Julian Write".  This series will focus on the music and the artistic value of Julian Write. Everyday we will be posting a JW track and occasional small interview to let YOU (the listener) know who JW is and get to know him and his music better. ‘Til then, give a listen to 30 days of Julian Write and keep up with the upcoming releases via social media outlets. 


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