Athlete - The Locker Room

It’s 3rd and goal on the 2-yard line, 3 seconds left on the game clock, and a TD wins the game.  Fans are making it hard to hear the snap count and the defense is wide-eyed, ready to make a stop.  To everyone this is a high pressure, highly intense setting, but to an athlete, this is life.

 Commit.  Work.  Win. …it’s a mantra every athlete lives by and one they will always live by.  Whether you’re a 9th grader waking up for the first day of basketball practice, or a premier cricketer prepping for a world championship match, the feelings are all the same.  The curiosity…how’s today going to go? How will I perform?  The butterflies…am I ready?  The intensity…I’ve got to make a play; I’ve got to make something happen.  The victory…a win is a win; I was better today.  It’s a routine that captivates a person and holds them to a standard.  When that mindset has been engrained into you day in and day out, it’s only fair to say that it changes you.  You’re no longer just a person, you’re an athlete.

Athletes come in all shapes and sizes, colors and creeds, and come from all walks of life.  Their attitudes differ only to correlate with their specific sport.  These are special people with special work ethics that deserve to be held to a higher standard, but only because they can carry that weight on their shoulders.  They comprehend the dedication it takes to be the best and hold that process close to their hearts.  They are tested, both physically and mentally, but find a way to not give in to the fatigue.  They are the epitome of strength and they are the physical representation of “hard work pays off.”  Ultimately, they are special because they have worked to earn that designation.


To all the athletes who read this and to those who do not, continue to dominate and continue to will yourself to victory.  Be a leader in every aspect of life and continue to grow with humility and self worth.  Reap your rewards when they come and never, ever stop competing. 


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