Delonte West

Delonte West-
I’m sure most of you have seen the viral clip of Delonte West on the street in handcuffs being questioned by the police. It’s hard to even recognize him, he’s speaking angrily not making any sense at all. This really struck a chord with me, I was a fan of Delonte when he was in the league and now seeing someone who played and made millions essentially reduced to pan-handling and begging was surreal. From rags to riches and back to rags.  West came into the scene with the Cavs during LeBrons first stay in Cleveland. He was a role player at best averaging 10-11 points per game. I truly enjoyed watching him, here’s a link to a video on YouTube if you’re interested (Play #5 is my fave).

During the midst of the Cavs 09-10’ season an alleged rumor of West having an affair with Gloria James (Brons Mom) surfaced. 🤯😳 (Both players denied the rumors). The Cavs parted ways with Delonte the same summer LeBron left for Miami. The Cavs played poorly in the 09-10’ playoffs that year and were eliminated by the Celtics. West then went back to the team that drafted him in Boston. The Celtics eventually cut him shortly into his second stay in Boston because of a weapons charge(riding around on an adult 3 wheeler with an armory of loaded weapons). West then landed in Dallas which was what many thought the best place for him to be with his issues. Mark Cuban is said to care about his players and Rick Carlisle would provide the  right direction for West who badly needed it. He never reached the level he was at in Cleveland with Dallas and his stay there wasn’t what both sides had hoped for. He was in and out of the rotation with Dallas for a number of years including him being suspended on a few occasions. After Dallas West bounced around from China to Venezuela more than once playing in their leagues. Ultimately his career ended in the NBA G-League in 2015. West has know financial problems around this time and this is when he really hit an all time low. Somewhere between 2015 and recent months West has had significant mental health issues.(link to viral video I mention at the beginning is down below)
West’s mother has denied all rumors of West being homeless as other videos began showing up on the internet of West holding a cardboard sign begging (both his mother and him claimed that it was only to help get money for a paralyzed homeless man). The most recent video is hard to watch and truly saddening.
West appears to be beaten and stomped on by another man in the middle of a busy road. A man who played 8 seasons in the NBA, earning around 16 million dollars over his career was reduced to this. This man needed help and most around him knew it. Delonte has never denied having multiple personalities, not sure if he was ever diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder but I do recall him opening up about what he thought was a bipolar disorder. Back when he opened up about his disorder, mental health was not as current of an issue as it is in today’s social climate. Now viral videos have shed some light on where West is and how bad his mental health disorders truly are. Several players have announced via social media that they are committed to get Delonte the help he needs. I truly hope Delonte gets the help he needs and his story doesn’t end so tragically



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