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Michael Porter Jr

13 teams had a chance to select Michael Porter Jr in the 2018 NBA Draft before he slid to Denver at 14. Looking back on the draft order, all but 3 teams (Dallas getting Luka and Atlanta getting Trae Young, maybe the Suns wouldn’t have passed on Deandre Ayton who has shown flashes of his upside this year after returning from suspenison) Other than that, 10 other players were selected ahead of Porter by teams such as the Cavs, Bulls, Knicks lol, magic, and even the clippers selected at 12 and 13 and passed on him. Michael Porter Jr. was a lock for being a top 2 pick in the 2018 draft before he injured his back just 2 minutes into his University of Missouri debut. His injury required back surgery that made him miss all but his last 2 college games. Simply put, he had herniated disk that required treatment, the complication in his injury came from small tears in the outer layers in his intervertebral disk. His injury caused him to cancel a workout for lottery teams (lottery teams are teams with picks 1-14)leading up to the draft that might have scared some teams away from taking that risk. His potential is through the roof. Porter Jr has size of a SF/PF with the unique ability of ball handling and scoring touch from all parts of the floor. (He’s a big 6’10 and 7’ wingspan with the skilled game of a wing/perimeter player) This combination is rare but is quickly becoming more and more of a necessity in today’s increasingly small ball strategy. Denver built around a three headed core of Jokic, Murray, and Porter could be a force in the Western Conference for the the foreseeable future. Denver has already shown how highly they think of him, during this past years trade deadline he was reportedly the only player that was off limits to any trade discussion. If he can stay healthy Porter Jr will be at the very least an all-star caliber player.


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