THE LOCKER ROOM: NBA IS BACK..... but not without some injuries

This NBA season was supposed to start off with some great match ups, which they were, but now the season seems to have a different tone set to it.  Boston Celtics had a blockbuster trade for Gordon Hayward, but it did not start off as planned.  Kyrie Irving's return to Cleveland in their first game of the season was one that every NBA buff had their eyes set on.  At one point it seemed like the Celtics could be contenders in the East against the Cavaliers, but then Hayward went down.  Gordon Hayward suffered a season ending injury to his ankle (broken tibia and dislocated ankle to be exact).  It hurt to see someone in so much pain, you could see and feel it through the expressions on his face.  The team announced he underwent surgery on Wednesday Oct 18. 

That same night Jeremy Lin tweeted "Wow...thats horrific...feel awful for Hayward".  The next night while going to the rim Lin suffered an injury to his knee where he can be seen saying "I'm Done, I'm Done".  Lin was diagnosed with a ruptured patella (tendon which holds your knee cap in place) of his right knee and will miss the rest of the season.

I'd like to wish both Hayward and Lin a speedy recovery and most importantly a smart recovery.  Though their competitiveness is greatly appreciate, their health is of the utmost concern.  Take your time guys, need you at 110% not for the fans, but for yourself and your family and friends.  

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