Nipsey Hussle: The Marathon Continues

Hussle was reportedly planning to attend an anti-gang violence meeting on the day he died, scheduled for not long after he and two other men were shot outside a store he owned called Marathon Clothing.

While early news reports suggested Hussle’s murder was gang-related, the Los Angeles Police Department’s ongoing investigation has revealed that Hussle and his suspected killer — a man named Eric Holder, who was arrested Tuesday night — got into a heated argument prior to the shooting. While Holder is alleged to be a gang member himself, the New York Times reports that the LAPD does not believe the argument or shooting was gang-related. There is still no clear motive. (Additionally, a vigil held for Hussle on Tuesday erupted into chaos when a fight and alleged sounds of gunshots caused a stampede that injured 19 people. However, police have confirmed no one was shot at the scene.)

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