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Ahhh, week 9 of the NFL season is finally upon us. Which means squads are gearing up for the home stretch of their seasons and, for myself, means I get to put my 2-6 Fantasy Football record to the test. smh. I’ll be fine, just got to win out to end up missing the playoffs anyway, SMH. As for the NFL teams still battling for position in their respected divisions and conferences, this time of year means more than just losing a 40$ entry fee.

This year’s season has been full of drama and excitement and we’re only at the halfway point. Teams like the NY Jets have surprised us by winning games…yeah game(s)…I had them winning only 1 game this year considering their QB is 38 years old…not named Tom Brady…, at least 7 years older than any other player on his team, and the only guy I can name on their defense is that cornerback who always gets hurt, who came over from my Cowboys. JK, I’m a football fanADDICT, I know his name is Morris Claiborne and I can probably name 3 or 4 other guys on that D…I was just creating some dramatic effect. Anyway, along with the 4-5 J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets, one of the biggest surprises this year has to be the emergence of a rookie, National Championship winning QB, by the name of Deshaun Watson. The man is a beast. Unfortunately, Deshaun, not but 2 days ago, tore his ACL in a non-contact drill in practice. Deshaun, who will probably be preaching the whole “we talkin’ bout practice” spiel for the rest of his career, was on his way to a Pro-Bowl type season. Up to this point, Deshaun ranked tied for 1st in the league, with Carson Wentz, with 19 TD passes and was just shy of 1700 yards passing. He threw 4 TD passes against that vaunted Seattle defense a week ago and a few weeks prior was an eye-popping 5-0, TD’s to interceptions, against arguably the best team in the AFC, the Kansas City Chiefs. My boy was killing it in his first year, which was something I predicted via a tweet back on draft night. I’m a Sports Guru, so obviously I was destined to be right. But now the Texans, who looked like legitimate contenders over the past few weeks, have lost their starting QB for the rest of the year and will have to try and find a way to manage games with a middle of the road running game and Tom “The Starting Back-Up” Savage at the helm. Clearly they’re in trouble.

Surprises during the football season are what make it worth watching. Whether it’s the Jets winning some games when no one thought they would, or the Texans finding a gem in the draft with Deshaun Watson and then losing him for the rest of the year, the unexpected is always around the corner. Constants, like the Browns fighting just to get 1 win during the year, or my Cowboys being Super Bowl contenders EACH AND EVERY YEAR…#GoCowboys…are mundane, but stories that shock us as football fans are what it’s all about. I won’t be winning my Fantasy Football League this year, but that’s just my way of contributing to the “shock” value of this year’s football season. My fellow GM’s, I’m sure, are dumbfounded by my lack of success this year, considering my resume of consistently putting championship fantasy teams together, but this is just my way of giving back to football fandom. Although handing over that 40$ league entrance fee will definitely grind my gears, losing a starting QB in a league that is unforgiving, might sting just a little more…oh wait, Aaron Rogers was my starting QB this year, damn…

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